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Tips for Breastfeeding Your Infant Baby

We all have been educated about the various advantages of choosing to breast feed. Firstly, breast milk is replete with all the nutrients that the baby needs; it is much easier to digest as compared to formula milk; has antibodies to strengthen the baby’s immune system. Apart from all that, it is equally advantageous to the mother as it helps in post partum weight loss.

Baby CareDespite all this, breastfeeding infants can become quite a struggle for first time mothers. From sore nipples to a lower milk flow and a baby who is reluctant to latch on- there are many aspects of breastfeeding that can perplex a new mother. Breastfeeding, though a natural phenomenon, often does not come naturally to every mother. If you are confused and unable to breastfeed successfully, then do seek help and do not feel shy.

Register help immediately

Take the help of a nurse or an expert if you are unable to breastfeed immediately upon birth. They will assist you through their tips on how to position the baby and ensure that he or she is latching on properly. Comfort is the key; therefore, make sure that you support yourself adequately with pillows.

Let your baby decide the feeding pattern initially

During the initial few weeks, you will observe that your baby demands milk every 2-3 hours. You can watch out for hunger signs such as sucking lip movements and restlessness. Nurse your new born baby from one breast for around 20 minutes and then burp the baby before putting him on to the other one.

New Born Baby

Introduce a Pacifier

Babies remain happy if they are sucking at something. Pacifiers might seem to be the right option, but remember that they should not be introduced too soon otherwise they interfere with breast feeding as the baby fails to differentiate between the two. It is important for a mother to first establish breastfeeding and avoid pacifiers for at least a month post birth.

Measure your Breastfeeding Success

Once you have mastered the art of breastfeeding, you would be able to measure your success by observing the increase in your baby’s weight; level of contentment; yellow loose stools and at least six wet diapers!

Nipple Care

It is important for you to take good care of your nipples. Use bra pads if your breasts leak too often and keep changing them. Wash your nipples with neutral soaps and if they are cracked then use purified lanolin to heal them.

Baby Tips

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy

It is important to eat as healthy when you are breastfeeding as you did when you were pregnant. Stick to a healthy diet and incorporate a lot of fruits, veggies and whole grains. You can also opt for some multivitamin supplements. Keep yourself hydrated with water, milk and juice. If you have had an alcoholic drink, then refrain from feeding the baby for at least two hours. Sleep as much as you can with the baby, as you might be having sleep deprivation during the night time. Refrain from smoking and do not take medication without your doctor’s approval.

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