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Top 7 Infant Care Myths

In this digital age when information is easily available and accessible, it becomes imperative to separate the wheat from the chaff. New parents receive loads of information and tips. While most of it comes from reliable sources, some of it may also be wrong. It thus is important to know what is a myth is and what is the truth.

Infant Care

Myth 1: Infants need to be bathed every day.

Truth: Babies need to bathe once in three days. As babies do not sweat or get dirty as much as adults, a sponge bath can easily keep them clean. It is good to give baby a nice shower once in three days or even two days to keep him clean. Soiled diapers and food leave behind residue which needs to be washed properly. Ensure that you moisturize your new born baby well after every wash/shower.

Myth 2: Oil massages aren’t significant enough.

Truth: It is a proven fact that baby massaging improves blood circulation and Baby massaging oil moisturise the skin. When combined, oil massages actually strengthen bones, improves the motion of joints and relaxes the muscles.

Myth 3: Infants should not be bottle-fed.

Truth: Though it is a fact that breatfeeding is far more beneficial than bottle feeding but after six months the milk inflow reduces in mothers. As recommended by WHO (World Healt Organisation), infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months however, post that it is okay to supplement it with pasturised milk. However, it is advised that you consult with your paeditrician before starting with it.

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Myth 4: Bananas should be your baby’s first solid food.

Truth: Mashed rice cereal mixed diluted with daal water works well as the first solid food for your baby. It is rich in iron and is easily digestible. Gradually as the baby gets familiar to the solids, a ripe mashed banana and other fruits & vegetables can be added to the list.

Myth 5:Sneezing in infants means that he has cold.

Truth: Unlike adults who can blow their nose, babies have no other way of clearing their nose other than sneezing.

Myth 6: Baby hiccups mean he needs water.

Truth: Infants do not need extra water as mother’s milk has sufficient amount of water.

Myth 7: The best sleep position is making an infant sleep by his stomach.

Truth: Studies suggest that the safest and best sleep position for a baby is on its back.

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