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New Born Baby Essentials/Must Haves

Being a new parent is one of the most exciting things that have ever happened to you. As soon as you conceive you start planning everything for your little bundle of joy. From her cute comforting crib to her tiny clothes, you have an entire list of things that you wish to buy for your baby. Some of these things are fancy and some are a necessity. So what are these must haves?

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Newborns have soft and tender skin. They can easily get rashes from even the softest of clothes. Other than that, babies have a tendency to outgrow their clothes real quickly. Thus, it is a wise decision to borrow clothes from someone who has recently put away their newborns clothing. Old clothes are much softer than the new ones. These clothes must include around a dozen long sleeved tops so that the baby is well covered. You can also opt for bodysuits or jumpsuits and have a dozen of them as well. You baby will pee and poop quite often and it is really important to keep her dry so have a stack of as many clothes as possible. Have some 3-4 warm clothes for winters along with a set of blankets, both cotton and woollen caps and around a dozen of cotton socks. Diapers

For the first 3 months you will need a decent amount of cloth diapers. A soft fabric ensures that your baby doesn’t get rashes as well as dries quickly. You can easily make them from your old cotton sarees. You should also have disposable diapers handy. For the initial 90 days or three months, you will need around 6-10 disposable diapers per day.

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Bathing your baby clean is as important as washing your hands. Your baby’s dead skin comes off when you bathe her also, it is really important for the baby’s hygiene. For bathing you will need a baby tub, baby soap and shampoo, cotton wipes, a soft loofah, baby massage oil, body lotion or crème and cotton towels. Sleeping

Sleep time is the best time of the day isn’t it? The same goes for your baby. Baby’s grow the most during the sleep so it is really important that you make it comfortable for her. Investing in a cot is a good idea as the chances of disturbing the baby are lesser. You will also need 4-5 cotton bed sheets, a quilt or fleece blanket for covering the baby and a pram for times when you take the baby outsides.

For yourself

As much as you are concerned about your baby’s shopping, you should also think about yours. A couple of nursing night suits and clothes that are easy to manage are a good choice. Have half a dozen of nursing bras as well. Do keep loads of sanitizers and wet tissues handy as well.

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