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Growth and Development of Toddler

May be your baby is growing faster than you imagined or did the time just fly? Where did the first year go? Gosh. So much has changed in your life and you’ve come quite far with the baby. The baby has grown so much since birth and the changes now are more evident and dramatic. Every month was a milestone and now, each day is one. There was a time when you would struggle feeding him mashed bananas and now he wishes to smash them with his tiny little hands. But stay put, there is more to come.

Baby Care


With bated breath you have waited for the baby to stand on his tiny feet and walk with you holding your hands. As much elated as you may be, you need to double your attention and stay alert all the time. Till the time your muchkin was immobile you could freely move around the house doing your work but now he is a grown up toddler who is always on the move. He cannot sit still so you can no more place your baby in the centre of the bed and move around. So ensure that all your surroundings are baby proof. Cover those electric plugs, place the glassware on higher places and see if the floors are clear so that the baby doesn’t topple and get hurt. While you are extra cautious about the baby’s security there is a good news as well. Baby’s mobility also means that you will have you carry him less often. That means a lot of relief for your back.


Your teddy bear now does more than just crying and extending arms to communicate with you. All the babbling and inarticulate but cute jabber is gradually emerging to form meaningful words. From a gurgling laughter to saying a distinct dada or mama, your little one is learning to talk. Communicate more with him. Read stories, interact, look him in the eyes while you ask him something or are generally talking to him. By the age of 1, your baby should be able to speak his first official word. Do not be afraid if he is taking time. Let him learn at his own pace but if it is bothering you a little too much, consult a paediatrician. That should take care of your anxiety.

New Born Baby


As your baby grows his physical, mental and cognitive abilities, the baby tries to keep himself engaged all the time. He is curious when your telephone rings and looks inquisitively to understand what it is. Give him an abacus to play and he will be amused and engaged all day long. This self engagement is really good. To make it more exciting, let your toddler observe you while you complete your daily household chores.


Your baby has been really obedient and cooperative till now. He did whatever you wanted him to do. But now you may notice that he has a demand and choice of his own. He will demand a particular toy he wants, or might protest from wearing some clothes that make him feel uncomfortable. He is developing a personality of his own and will communicate his likes and dislikes to you more clearly.

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