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Baby Developmental Milestones: Crying, Eating & Crawling

Developmental markers are a simple timeline which indicate what a baby is capable of achieving by that pedestal. But at the same time it also holds true that each baby is unique and takes his own time to accomplish that potential. A premature baby may take more time than usual but it will sooner or later meet the targets. Keeping your paediatrician informed about these growth and development markers may help you know if things are heading in the right direction, if not then what is required to make it happen.

Baby SleepingEating - Once baby has developed a raking grip, the baby will also be able to hold her own bottle and will try to finger feed himself. He will try to taste different food items and will try to sip milk from his bottle. Your baby will show a keen interest in solid foods and will want to eat whatever you are eating but do not rush and give him solids. Consult your paediatrician and know if the baby is ready for solids. The digestive system takes time to develop and there are different food levels for the baby. Swallowing food may choke the baby and chewing the food properly is not possible this early. Once the doctor asks you to start feeding the baby with solids, begin with semi-solids and gradually move towards the solid foods. Once the baby develops the ability to have solids, give him some dry cereals, soft fruits, biscuits, mashed potato, rice and boiled eggs etc. Starting too early with solids also pose a risk of developing food allergies so keep the paediatrician informed.

Crying – The baby is gradually learning to emote. He is developing his emotional quotient and understands feelings. He responds with to feeling like happiness with gestures like smiling; similarly he also understands sorrow and responds by crying. He cries when he senses separation or anxiety, he’d cry. He will have a set of identified familiar faces that he is comfortable with. While you leave him alone, try to ensure that those familiar faces/family members are around the baby so that the baby does not feel scared or restless. Giving your baby a sense of security is really important for your baby’s emotional growth.

Crawling – The new born baby is slowly developing muscle strength. He has a raking grip, holds your thumb, kicks, sits all by himself, tries to chew and swallow food etc. Now is the time the baby will attempt and try to crawl by his belly. This is as exciting as it is worrisome. The baby will want to move more and more and explore. He will constantly be in motion so try not to leave him alone. The baby might turn over and fall. The best way to let your baby explore his crawling skills is to make him crawl on your tummy and chest. You can also try leaving him on soft even surfaces. Spread a bed sheet over the floor and let your baby enjoy his freshly developed talent.
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