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Baby/Infant Healthcare tips

During the first year of their birth, babies suffer with about 6 to 12 infections which last from 7 to 10 days. On an average, your tiny tote will be sick for some 120 days in the first year of its birth. Sneezing, coughing, high temperature and body ache, your darling little doll endures a lot and we know how painful it is for you too. Baby Care

Here are some tips to keep all that sickness and infections at bay.

Be punctual with vaccinations

In the first two months the new born baby has to get all his vaccinations done. Try to keep the baby at home for the first 40-60 days. The baby is highly prone to infections and may catch them up quite quickly so leave the baby home till he has had his first round of vaccinations. Apart from getting your baby vaccinated, the mother should also get vaccinated.

Maintain a healthy distance from people

It isn’t necessary that only unhealthy or infected people carry infections. Most of the times, healthy people carry as many germs as an unhealthy person. So when people sneeze or cough the people sitting around also get infected. You may wash and sanitize both your and baby’s hands often but others aren’t as cautious about the hygiene. So keep your babies cot covered when you take her out. Let the kids and adults adore your tiny tote from a distance without touching your muchkin.

Wash and sanitize your hands often

Every time you come from outdoors, go to the washroom or change the baby’s diaper, wash and sanitize your hands. All these places/things are filled with bacteria which might infect your little one and cause diarrhea. Disinfect your hands and other surfaces that come in contact with your child. Bacteria can often cause fatal infections and continued illness makes the child weak.

Keep yourself fit

Your health is as important as the baby’s health and being a new parent, managing the baby might get a little tough for your personal health. Less of sleep and too much of physical excursion makes it a little taxing for you. Get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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