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Developmental Milestones from Birth to 3 Months of an Infant/New Born

As a new parent you are always inquisitive and concerned about the baby’s growth and development. These are endless questions inundating your mind while comparative analysis follow suit and add to your worries. You start comparing if the other babies are growing as slow or as fast as your new born baby.Baby Care You keep cross checking with the doctor whether your baby’s development is okay and prepare a check list of milestones. It is okay to be apprehensive and nervous as a new parent, you are just being protective about your child and that’s a good thing.

But what are the general parameters or milestones that establish the fact that your baby is doing just fine? What is the right time for the baby to start smiling or say holding your thumb? It is a slow process but as a parent, it is natural for you to get restless. The first 3 months, your level of anxiety is pretty high because you are new to the parenting business. Listed below are some physical, social and cognitive achievements that the baby achieves in the initial 12-15 weeks. This may come handy and may ease your concerns a bit.

As the baby’s bones and muscles grow, the baby might start looking a lot thinner and taller.

New Born Baby
  1. The baby will develop a keen interest in watching and observing faces fixedly. She’d be amused with your bindi or might seem fixated to your face. The baby will also start following moving objects. You’d notice that the baby observes the fan moving and enjoys it a lot. This is a sign that the baby’s vision is improving so help the baby with the process. You may place some toy hangings over your baby’s crib. You can also try placing a mirror somewhere close to the crib. Your baby will enjoy seeing his own movements.
  2. If you place the baby by his stomach, it’d try and lift his upper body with the help of his arms. Encourage the baby to do it more often as this will help him learn quickly to roll over and crawl. Spending time by the belly is really important for the baby’s speedy growth.
  3. The most awaited moment for any new parent is the first time their baby speaks. Even a little babble is more than joyous for the parent. Though learning to talk is a later stage, the baby does start babbling by the third month. Talk to the baby often and excite him to talk back to you. The baby will begin to babble which in turn develops his vocal chords.
  4. The baby will also start kicking and stretching his legs as the muscles develops. He will also learn to coordinate his body movements and sync them with the visual movement.

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