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How to make Baby Sleep?

Watching your baby sleep is the most serene sight you’d ever witness. Tiny fists, legs all curled up, beautiful round gazing eyes and the soft pink skin; you just cannot stop adoring your tiny tote. You might take a little time to adjust and understand why your new born baby is behaving in a certain manner. Likewise, you’d be initially confused as to when to feed the baby and when to make her sleep. The later is a little trickier though. However you can look for certain signs and you’d know that your baby needs to sleep now.

How to make a baby Sleep

Baby Sleep symptoms 

The first expression the baby learns is to cry. She will cry when she is wet, hungry or sleepy but how to differentiate a hunger cry from a sleep cry? Well, it is not that tough. Your baby will rub her eyes and yawn a lot just like anyone would do when sleepy. She will also have jerky hand and leg movements. Some babies are hyperactive and take a little while to sleep. While others find it difficult to settle down when overtired. You can set a fixed sleep routine to address this problem. Having a fixed nap time every day helps to sync the baby’s body clock with her routine jobs. To ensure that your baby does not have troubles falling sleep at night, make her sleep a little earlier in the afternoon. Every time you put her to sleep, cover her up with a blanket. Slowly she will start associating it with sleep and will know that it is time to nap as soon as you cover her up.

Be patient

Babies take a lot of time to sleep. Do not get restless if you find her making noises. Babies sneeze, moan, squeak and even have hiccups at times while sleeping. These are normal sleep noises. At times you might also find her a little cranky and crying but do not rush in. Your baby will take little more time to settle down lest you feel that she is uncomfortable or hungry.

New Born BabyBabies can sleep as much as 16 hours a day, so do not worry if you find your baby napping all the time. Infants generally wake up for feeds or may be for a change and then continue to sleep all through the day. This should continue for the first 6 to 8 months. Gradually as they grow old, the sleeping hours reduce and they sleep only during the night.

Things to do

Babies have a natural tendency to fall asleep as soon as they eat. Feeding and then making your baby sleep with a full stomach will not only help her to relax well but it also helps you bond with her better. If she is more than 6 months old and takes intermittent naps then try keeping her awake for a longer duration. You can also try stretching out her naps so that she sleeps long enough at a stretch instead of taking multiple short naps.

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