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Constipation (Gastrointestinal Problem) in Babies

Diarrhea is one of the most common infections in infants. Often caused by infections, it does not usually last long and is more or less innocuous. Having said that, diarrhea at times can also be a symptom of a number of infections that are worrisome. Persistent diarrhea indicates that you baby is either allergic to some food or has gastrointestinal disease. Some kids can also be lactose intolerant while in others diarrhea causes inflammatory bowel disease. It thus becomes really important to know how to prevent and cure diarrhea.

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Symptoms of Constipation in Babies

Your baby will poop more often than usual. She will have runny bowel movements. Most of the times it starts with abdominal pain or stomach cramps and last for only a few days. In cases where it is a parasite infection other symptoms like fever, weight loss and complete loss of appetite are seen. While in cases of viral infections vomiting and high fever are observed.

Reason for Diarrhoea

Diarrhea is a stomach infection which is caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites. The germ varies depending upon the geographic regions with the major concern being the level of sanitisation and cleanliness. So if you live near places which are not maintained well and are unhygienic then the chances of infections are really high. You might also want to ensure that the vegetables that you buy are washed well enough before you cook them. Take good care of the water that you drink and clean the new born baby with. Bacteria and parasites often travel through contaminated water.

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Cure Stomach Disorder

  • Wash hands often especially after using the toilet or bathroom. Since you are in close contact with the baby, it is important that you keep yourself clean.
  • Ensure that the washroom is hygienic and sanitized.
  • Use anti-bacterial phenyls to mop the floors, clean bathroom and other surfaces.
  • Use disinfectants to clean the kitchen counters and your refrigerator.
  • Positively wash your kid’s hands before and after eating.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables well enough.
  • Have a separate arrangement to wash your pet’s utensils and your own crockery.
  • Give your pets a regular bath with anti-bacterial soaps and spray disinfectants.

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