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How to Potty Train a Baby?

Time to say goodbye to diapers? It means no more stinky diapers and midnight changing issues. Your baby is old enough to poop on his own and that is quite a development. As comforting as it may seem, potty training can be quite a daunting task for some parents. There is no specific time to begin potty training your toddler. You can start as early as you want but be aware, the younger your child is when your start potty training, the longer it takes. Not a rocket science definitely but the process is far easier when you have a clear understanding of the approach.

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When to begin?

Some children are prepared to start as soon as they are 1.5 years old, while some kids take a little longer, say until after the age of 3. Since the time slab is so huge, you should look for the signs and know if your kid is ready for it. See if she can follow simple instructions. Can she walk and sit down on her own? Can she take her lower off on her own? If yes, then you can very well start with the training. It is observed that the second or subsequent child learns faster than the firstborns.

It may take few to several months to train your tiny tote, the key is to continuously encourage your child and be patient throughout the process.

How to potty-train?

The first step is to invest in the right kind of equipment. You must get a child size potty chair for your kid. Big toilets scare and intimidate the children. They fear falling off into it. Ensure that your kid can comfortably sit and fit in the equipment.

Baby MassageMake your kid sit on the potty seat whenever you feel she is likely to poop. Have a fixed routine and make her sit on the potty chair whenever she wants to poop. Once she gets used to the routine, tell her that this is something good. She needs to do this whenever she is having a bowel movement as she is growing up. Do not forcibly make her sit though. Postpone the training until the time your baby is comfortable enough. To make it easier, make her observe you in the bathroom. She will get comfortable with the idea of using a potty and will easily learn to imitate the process.

Let your child loosen up a bit. Let her be naked or in just a t-shirt and explore the home like that. Let your child get used to the idea of not wearing a diaper or underwear. This will also make her poop somewhere. When she does put it in the potty and make a disgusted expression. Show her while you flush it off. This will make her realise that potty is supposed to be put in the potty chair only.

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