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Co-sleeping: The Pros and Cons of Sleeping With Your Baby

A lot of parents and experts are of the view that the concept of a 'family bed' where the parents and baby sleep together is the most optimal setting as it helps foster bonds, increase affection and also makes nursing easier. Baby CareHowever, there are the other set of believers who insist that babies should sleep on their own as it helps them become independence and reduces the incidence of sleep disturbances.

While the American Academy of Paediatrics state those babies should sleep in close proximity to their parents, not necessarily in the same bed, there is always the fear of any accidental mishaps that can happen to the new born baby. A lot of studies have also revealed that the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is more common during co-sleeping.

The Advantages of Co-Sleeping

  • It helps in nursing and nights become more convenient this sway.
  • During nursing, the mother and baby can sleep together and the sleep cycle is not that impacted.
  • It helps the baby to get back to sleep more quickly even if they wake up in the middle of the night
  • It results in a longer night time sleep for babies.
  • It fosters bonding particularly for those parents who are working and need some quality time with their baby

New Born Baby

The Disadvantages of Co-Sleeping

  • Paediatrics suggests that sleeping in the same bed is unsafe; however a baby cot in the same room is acceptable.
  • It could be disturbing for the parent as the child tends to toss and turn, while uttering noises in their sleep.
  • It could also mean less sleep for your baby as being an over-protective mother you might tend to keep lifting your child at the first whimper, thus disturbing the baby’s sleep pattern.
  • It might just make the baby less independent as co-sleeping could just make the baby too secure for making adjustments later on.

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