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Timeline of Childhood Milestones: 2 Months to 3 Years

Babies are all unique little being and therefore grow up in their unique ways. You might have a baby that can sit upright much before babies of his age or you might have babies who have actually skipped crawling. Baby Developmental Milestones However, to keep things simple, there is a generalised timelines of the milestones that your baby might accomplish within that particular timeframe. Do remember that these timelines are not exact that there are variations in the stages of baby development. So mothers need not fret and worry, as a timeline is just a handy guide that can keep you posted on the likely progress you would be seeing in your little one.

Timeline of Childhood Milestones

2 Months:

Your new born baby will smile and make social contact with you by following you with their eyes.

3 Months:

Your baby would be able to life his head and chest when propped on his stomach. Your baby will be able to hold on to objects and would enjoy smiling and developing social contact with other people.

4 Months:

You baby would laugh, babble and try to mimic sounds, whilst holding his head firmly without support

Smiling Baby

6 Months:

Your baby would be able to roll from back to tummy and vice-versa. He would also be able to shift objects between his hands.

7 Months:

Your baby will respond to his name and would be able to find objects that are partially hidden.

9 Months:

Your baby can now sit without any support, can crawl and can also utter the first magical words- “mama” and “dada”.

12 Months:

Now your baby is one years old and can perform his first few steps without support. He can now say one new word and enjoys mimicking people.

1 ½ years:

Your toddler can walk independently, can drink out of a cup, can point to body parts and has a minimum 15-word vocabulary

2 years:

Your toddler can jump, run; speak short sentences, understand and follow instructions and enjoys engaging in make-believe.

3 years:

Your toddler now has a wider vocabulary and can speak in sentences, can sort according to colour and shape and can also climb well.

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