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The Benefits of Empathetic Parenting

Children imitate behaviour and if those around him are loving, empathetic and respectful, then the child will learn from this and respond similarly. Empathetic parents are essentially those who are well-adjusted and healthy as they try to communicate and respond empathetically. Empathetic parenting is a style where the parents maintain a very close bond with the children and are loving and responsive. Benefits of Baby MassageThe loving gaze and the ability to listen uninterruptedly with full attention and to make the little one understood is something that brings out the best in children. As an empathetic parent, you need to be flexible enough to adapt to the situation, adjust actions and thoughts and apologize without thinking too hard.

Children are very receptive to those who establish a connect and empathetic parents are very instinctive and know how to connect and reconnect. This form of parenting sets children on the path of developing into loving, sharing and empathetic individuals. It preserves the parent-child bond forever as such children grow up to care for their parents and are there for them.

Empathetic parenting is essentially based on unconditional love and children, who are loving by nature, not only become more receptive to things but develop the capability to give back that love and are quick to forgive and forget. Here are a few tips that help in effective empathetic parenting:

1. Understand Your Toddler’s Needs

It is important to parent in a manner that is responsive as children learn empathy only when their parents are able to understand their requirements and fulfil them. A responsive parent is one who is able to understand what the child is feeling when he is scared, angry, uncomfortable or hungry – doing all that needs to be done for providing emotional support and making them feel better.

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2. Understand the Emotion and Help Them Develop Self Awareness

It is important for you to empathetically assess how the child is feeling. Help them develop self awareness and understand that their feeling is valid; however, the way they might be expressing it (by throwing things around) is not.

3. Name the Feelings

It is important for children to understand the names of their emotions, as it helps them stay sorted. Explain the other feelings besides happy and sad. Also help them understand what they are feeling so that they can relate to it with their peers

4. Teaching Empathy Through Role Play

Toddlers are very receptive to whatever they learn through role play. You can make use of this to help them understand feelings and empathy. Talk to them about the characters and ask them to find solutions to understand their perspectives.

5. Become a Role Model For Empathy

Toddlers imitate adult behaviour, so the most effective way to build empathy is by become a role model yourself.

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