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How to take care of Baby Teething:

Babies grow really fast. A doting parent that you are, you always feel that your new born baby is quickly growing up. Then there are times when you start worrying about his milestones and if the fast is fast enough. One of these milestones is teething. Many babies start showing up teeth when they are about three months old while others take around a year for the same. There is no specific age for your newborn to begin teething. Nevertheless, that pretty pink gummy grin needs a lot of hygiene and care before the first pearly white starts to cut through the gums.

Baby Care

Baby Teething Symptoms

Symptoms of teething vary from baby to baby. Just like mentioned earlier, there is no specific age when your baby will begin teething, so the symptoms also vary accordingly. The symptoms include redness of the gums, nibbling or gnawing, and irritability. At times it may also cause slight fever and diarrhea. You may also notice a change in your baby’s eating habits. Since the gums hurt, the baby would want to eat semi-solid or liquid food and may also have a loss of appetite. At times chin rashes are also observed because of the extra moisture from the excessive drooling.

How to Care for Baby’s First Teeth

To ensure that your muchkin grows a shiny and strong set of teeth, start caring even before your baby’s first tooth cuts in. Maintain a habit of cleaning your baby’s gums soon after you feed her. Leftover food in the gums can begin to breed bacteria which can damage the teeth even before they grow. You can clean your baby’s gums with a damp cloth or you can even use your finger to gently take off the leftover food. Using toothpaste on the gums isn’t required.

New Born BabyOnce the first set of pearly whites start showing up, you can switch over to a soft baby toothbrush along with a gentle fluoride toothpaste. Avoid using too much toothpaste to ensure that the baby doesn’t swallow too much of fluorides. Make sure you clean the tongue as well. You sure do love your kid’s toothy smile after all.

Easing the teething pain

You can help your baby’s teeth cut throw the gums and make it less painful for her. You can give your baby various chewable toys or a silicone nipple to chew. These toys help massage the gums and also allow the teeth to break through the gums quickly. Make sure you wash the toys and sterilize them well before you give them to your baby. You can also find various biscuits and tasty snacks that are great for gnawing. Chewing these soft things will help to ease the pain on the gums.

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