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Handling a Fussy Eater

A majority of toddlers are picky eaters and the mothers have to face the challenge of feeding fussy eaters during mealtimes. The first prerogative for a mother would be to dodge those mealtime battles. This will only make the child fuss even more over the food. Baby Care Remember that the toddler has just found his independence and eating food perched on a high chair is most certainly not his priority! There is a lot of excitement in a toddler’s world as they have just discovered independence and control. In fact, toddlers will try to do exactly the opposite of what you do.

Here are some tips on how to handle a fussy eater:

Do Not Bribe, Coax or Punish

In your anxiety, do not force the child to eat. At times, parents unrealistically force their toddler to have food that is much over their limit. Give your little one a smaller portion of food to eat and keep giving refills later on.

Introduce New Foods

At times, your fussy eater might relish a certain fruit and detest it the following day. Do not give up, simply reintroduce them in a different manner and trick your child with the visual presentation.

New Born Baby

Allow Your Child to Experience the Food

If your child likes the look of a food, then do not stop them from smelling or licking the food as they are using their other senses to explore it. Do Not Force Food Down Your Child’s Throat Do not set unrealistic expectations about how much quantity your child should eat. It is the child who should decide that. Forcing children to clean their plate against their wish, could lead to unhealthy eating and obesity.

Do Not Keep Repeating a Certain Food

At times, you would be surprised to see that your child has a fixation for a certain food that he or she will eat at each meal time. Do not fall into the idea of doing so. Allow them to indulge, but at the same time, choose food yourself.

Using the Dessert as an Award is Not a Good Idea

Do not use dessert as a reward for a stubborn child. Try to create healthy desserts for your family

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