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How to treat baby cough and cold naturally?

Common cold is called common for a reason so do not panic. Watching your little one struggling to breathe with a stuffy and runny nose can be a really depressing sight but if taken care of properly, there is a lot that can be done to ease the discomfort.

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Baby Cough & Cold Symptoms:

the usual signs include a runny nose, cough, reddened eyes, congestion, restlessness and fever. All of this causes irritability in your baby and that results in sleeplessness and a loss of appetite. It is also because of the stuffed up nose that the new born baby cannot breathe properly and that makes it difficult for him to sleep or eat.

Reason: Cold and cough are viral infections that affect the upper respiratory tract. Newborns generally catch up cold because their immune system is still weak and is in the developing stage. The major regions that are affected by cold and cough are the mouth, nose and throat. Usually it is spread by hand-to-hand contact or from someone who is already infected.


Cold and cough isn’t a serious illness and it disappears on its own however, there are many a things that you can do to make it easy for your newborn.

  • Whenever someone sneezes or coughs, the virus travel in the air. Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing and positively wash and sanitize your hands after that.

  • New Born Baby
  • Maintain a safe distance from people who are unwell.
  • Make sure your baby gets plenty of rest.
  • Feed your baby frequently so that he is well hydrated. Breastfeeding also passes on anti-bodies to the baby which helps him fight the infection. Your baby will be too young to blow his own nose. Gently clear his nasal passages using saline drops or wipe his nose with a wet hanky. This would help him breathe.
  •  If your baby has persistent fever than give him infant paracetamol or infant ibuprofen. But that can be given to babies who are more than two months old.
  • Another option is rubbing a vapour rub. Apply it on the chest and the back of the baby and that will help him breathe easily.

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