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The Effectiveness of Kangaroo Mother Care for Premature Babies

Benefits of Baby MassageKangaroo Mother Care is a special kind of care that is usually practiced on preterm babies as the baby is required to be in skin-to-skin contact with his or her mother, father or caregiver. This care was first developed in Colombia in a bit to provide warmth to stable preterm babies and to reduce the time that such babies have to spend in a rather packed hospital environment. Kangaroo Mother Care is not exclusively relegated to those hospitals or environments where incubators are not available, but it is a methodology that is practised across the globe. In facts, according to research studies, this special way of keeping in close contact with your infant has miraculous effects on the baby.

How It Is Done

The method of practising Kangaroo Mother Care is very simple as the baby would be given skin to skin contact with the mother for nearly the entire day. The kangaroo position would be thus achieved by keeping the infant in an upright position with the stomach placed on the bare chest of the mother. At this point, the ideal thing to do would be to breastfeed the baby exclusively. A sling or wrap can be used in this which permits mobility for the mother; even otherwise the mother can comfortably hold her infant on a reclining chair.

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Who Should Adopt Kangaroo Mother Care

Kangaroo Mother Care is usually prescribed for low weight or preterm babies who are in the care of a neonatal intensive care unit. Mothers can even do it with full term babies as it helps in bonding. Babies that have been separated from their mother, for any reason, will benefit from this as well. Mothers who are keen to breastfeed will also find that this kind of care stimulates milk production.

Kangaroo Mother Care is an intimate way of caring for the baby as it fulfils all their basic requirements- breast milk, love, care and warmth.
  • What You Need for Kangaroo Mother Care
  • A mother and even a father.
  • A calm environment
  • A wrap or a sling
  • A reclining chair if you are only using a blanket.

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