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From hiring a nurse to seeking intervention from the elderly, you’ve done it all! Still you feel there are times when you need an expert to reaffirm you are heading in the right direction. For those times, our experts are at your service.

Consulting a Chemist for Your Baby

Be it a novice or an experienced parent, both have the same anxiety levels, are equally stressed and concerned. Like all the other 21st century technologically advanced parents you also are probably a quick internet researcher. Be it buying your muchkin’s first milk bottle or looking up for all the ailments that befall your baby.

Baby CareAt times your new born baby has a congestion or fever and your paediatrician is out of town. You have already handled a similar situation earlier and know what medicine to give but like any other concerned parent, you are apprehensive. The multiple research results add to that and make you even more indecisive. But have you ever consulted your chemist? You might think that the chemists can only read rather, decode the prescription which otherwise looks as if written in some alien language but be sure, they are capable of more than just that. They can not only suggest you the right medicine but can also tell you what medicine to give to your child.

There are times when you are looking around for a specific medicine but are unable to find it. You end up hopping around from one store to other and are not able to find that specific medicine. What do you do in such a situation? Your local drugstore chemist comes to your rescue!

When to consult the chemist?

  • He can suggest you the closest and the next best alternative to the prescribed medicine by looking at the combination of salts and chemicals.
  • He can help you with the dosage of the medicine and can also tell you what is the best time to give the medicine. Whether it is to be given pre lunch or post lunch.
  • New Born BabyYou can also make your chemist speak to your doctor in case you find it difficult to understand the prescription.
  • Also, you can reach the chemist all through the day. He is easily accessible and quite helpful when it comes to quick fixes. However, it is suggested that one must consult the doctor whenever time permits and cross check with him.

How reliable is he?

Most of the chemists are well aware about the medicines and their combinations. Over the years they develop an understanding of what works with what and is given for what duration. Nevertheless, a doctor is a veteran and the right person to judge if your child is doing well or not. A chemist is not a substitute for a doctor. One should consult the chemist only in case of emergency or in the lack of availability of a doctor.
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