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From hiring a nurse to seeking intervention from the elderly, you’ve done it all! Still you feel there are times when you need an expert to reaffirm you are heading in the right direction. For those times, our experts are at your service.

Beginning Breastfeeding

Born with a natural reflex to suckle, baby’s have a natural instinct to breastfeed, so much so that they can begin with it within the first hour of birth. Breastfeeding might seem a little tricky to you in the begging so take help from the nurses or experienced people. It isn’t as difficult as it seems as just like the baby’s natural instinct is to breastfeed, yours is to feed.

How to get started?

Gently lift your baby in the crook of your arm and place her face close to your breast. Touch your baby’s mouth with your nipple and you’d see that the baby opens her mouth in reflex. Gently squeeze your nipple with your thumb and forefinger and support your baby to take in some of the areola into her mouth as well. Latching the baby correctly would take a while but not long. The right position to hold the baby is when your baby’s chin touches your breast while her nose is clear. Initially your baby will feed for a few minutes only as it gets tired easily. Gradually as the baby will learn to have the milk, they will get comfortable.

Ensure that you empty your breasts every time you feed the baby. Once the baby is finished with one breast, make her burp and then offer the second breast. You can alternate the sequence every time you feed the baby to ensure that neither of the two breasts gets too full and is emptied properly.

Common Breastfeeding Problems

You are new to parenthood and it is natural to be apprehensive. Your body is also going through a lot of hormonal changes. You may find it a little too tiresome and may have sore nipples. Nevertheless, it is natural and is a common issue with all the new mothers so do not worry. Your skin will take a little time to adjust itself with the new changes and will gradually toughen up. If your nipples hurt a lot and the sore is getting unmanageable, consult a doctor. There are a lot of nipple creams available to help ease that pain and are safe to use.

Another common breastfeeding problem is mastitis. It is a bacterial infection that is caused in the milk ducts because of a blockage from cracked nipples. It can make you feel very dizzy and unwell. However it is curable and can be treated with antibiotics. If proper precautions are taken then the chances of getting this infection can be minimized. Hygiene is the first and foremost important thing. Wash your hands properly before you touch your nipples as well as cleanse your nipples after feeding. You should also ensure that both your breasts are emptied properly before the next feed. You can pump out and throw the left over milk if you baby is not able to finish it off.