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Baby Proofing Your House

The best present that you can give your child is a home that is safe and 'baby proofed'. The best time to baby proof your home would ideally commence before the child is born. In your zeal to create a safe haven for your bundle of joy, do understand that a 100% baby proof home is just not possible, as you would have to be constantly there for close supervision, as there is no substitute for that! Baby CareMany children become a target of injuries at home, so it is important for parents to identify where the dangers lie and how they can evade such incidents.

Here is a simple list of individual home spaces with their baby-proof solutions:


In order to avoid scalding your new born baby, ensure that the water temperature is set at a lower level. Ensure that your toilet lids have locks, as toddlers love to get inside water all the time!


If you have glass doors, then put decals to ensure that your child does not get hurt by running into them. Door should have solid stoppers so that they do not bang with a strong gush of wind. Doorknob covers is also a good idea for preventing a child from opening a door.


Affix your windows with window guards so that the children do not try to slip out of them. The cords of the blinds should be adjusted at a height to avoid the child from getting tangled in them. You can also install your low windows with safety glass to prevent them from breaking. Windows should not have any furniture piece that a toddler can climb up on.

New Born Baby


Use safety plugs for covering all electrical outlets, particularly when a baby starts to crawl.


Cover them with a fireplace hearth cover, as crawling or walking toddlers are more at risk into falling into one. Create some obstacles near the fireplace to keep your baby away from it.


Things get a little risky once a child starts crawling. Babies love climbing up stairs, so make sure you install a gate to prevent them from crawling up. Likewise, you could do that in the bedroom or the nursery. Do not install a gate at the top of the stairways, as kids enjoy climbing up and falling from such a height is very dangerous.

The reality is that baby proofing a home completely is just not possible, as minor risks are always there. Eventually, once the infant starts understanding language, you can teach him about the danger areas.

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