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Tips on Feeding your Baby

Is your baby six months old? It is time you start giving her solid foods. Since every child is unique and has different growth patterns which are steady always, their appetite is also unsteady. It can get really unpredictable so you need to keep moderating her diet accordingly.

Baby Care

First food for baby

Babies grow quickly during the first 12 months. They need plenty of energy and nutrients to meet the growth requirements. Therefore the transition from milk to semi-solid or solid foods is really crucial. When you decide to introduce solids to your new born baby, keep in mind that her organs are still developing and her digestive system is not strong enough. First foods should be high on nutrients but easy to digest. Start with infant cereal, mashed potatoes and mashed fruits and vegetables. Do not give her cow’s milk until she is 12 months old and her digestive system is fully developed. You should start with single vegetable or fruit and gradually start mixing up two or three things together. Make sure that the food is spice less and has a smooth runny texture.

Breastfeeding however remains an important part of a baby’s diet at least for the first 12 months. No food is as rich in nutrients as mother’s milk. So continue breastfeeding your baby for as long as possible. As your baby’s nutrition requirements grow, start with the solid food that are rich in iron and proteins.

New Born Baby

How to introduce solid foods

Patience is the key. Your baby will take a little time to adjust to the new food habits. Make her sit comfortably, get playful with her and try to make her enjoy the food. If she rejects or refuses to eat, do not force feed her. Take a break for few more days and try to feed her again.

What to avoid

As your baby is growing very quickly, her food requirements may change after every couple of days. However you need to always remember that not every food is suitable for your baby. Some of these foods are honey, dry fruits, whole nuts, fruit juice, preserved food and toned milk. Many of these food items are may restrict vitamin uptakes while others have potential risk of causing bacterial infections.

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