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How to Massage a Baby?

Keeping these young explorers in control is a challenge as they often want to put things in their mouth. Touch, smell and taste are an important aspect of everyday life for them to understand the world better. At this age, children are beginning to explore their immediate surroundings as their mobility, verbal skills and fine motor skills develop. Baby Massage These kids love to play around which helps them sharpen their skills further. You pile up a couple of bed pillows and they’ll want to climb on them, put on a song and you’ll find them dancing to the tune. It is hard to keep their attention at one place since they have a short attention span but they enjoy every minute. You will always see them smiling, even when they fall down, for life is an unknown adventure for them.

Allowing your tot to explore anything that you give them is a must. They’ll want to do 3 different things at the same time and still be giggling. They are naive little bundles of joy with an impressionable and gullible personality. Household items, that are used daily, can be used to teach them how to measure, keep things organised, introduce them to a picture book with animals etc. Expect a toddler to be interested, leave it out for them to come back to later, or even the next day.

With healing and balancing powers, massages can prove beneficial for everyone – from very young to very old. It can be helpful in easing their stress as a toddler’s life can be very frustrating because they have an urge and energy to do more than their skills allow. It is easier to massage your 1 to

Baby Massage Techniques2 year old - during a bath, around bedtime. Giving a massage to your toddler will give them stronger immune system, better blood circulation, better sleep, muscles straitening, toxins release, and better digestive system. It also has emotional benefits. It is an extremely excellent time to bond, and to express your love and care by involving all senses – when touching your child, communicate with eyes, smile, kiss and sing or whisper gently.

Start with preparing your baby massage oil and warming up the room. Keep a clean warm towel under your new born baby and gently massage in one direction. Use nice and soft movements so that they get a chance to enjoy it, and willingly get it done the next time as well. Do not force them, for they love to choose between things. If they refuse a massage, respect their wish as it sends a clear message that their body is completely theirs. It is a good base for healthy mind and body in adulthood. Children are naturally flexible, and generally have an innate sense of balance with a stronger body overall. Toddler massage will teach you the art of positive touch to benefit you and your child and can calm a crying or a fussy baby.

Benefit mutually and take life as it comes.

Use Dabur Baby Massage Oil - An Ayurvedic blend of almond and olive oil for baby massage which can be really effective for a baby development.