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Massaging premature babies the right way

Out of the 5 senses that humans have, touch is the first sense that is developed in humans. Touch has therapeutic values and is believed to cure even fatal diseases like depression. Massaging is based on this very phenomenon. It involves putting adequate pressure on the body muscles and joints and making rhythmic movement.

Massaging babies has been an age old practice and has been considered instrumental in improving a child’s overall physical growth and development. It is the touch factor that makes massaging imperative for the newly born. Regular messaging with the right kind of oil ensures that baby’s bones are strengthened and the muscles are toned as well as, improves your bonding with the child.

Also, the initial few months are really crucial for a child’s growth. An average baby grows 10 inches or 25 cms in length in the first year of its birth. It thus becomes essential to take great care of the child’s internal and external well being. Mother’s milk, initially and nutritious food, later ensures that the internal health requirements are taken care off while body massages look after the external boast and propel the growth thereby.

Choosing the right oil

Usage of Ayurvedic baby massage oils have proven benefits and are confirmed to be really effective for baby’s overall growth. Oils that include natural ingredients like Till Tail, Ratanjyot, Shankha Pushpi, Camphor and Urad make certain that the product is safe and can be trusted with the baby’s tender skin. Till Tail or Sesame Oil improves growth while Ratanjyot protects the baby’s skin against fungal and bacterial infections; Shankha Pushpi and Urad nourishes muscles & bones and also helps to cure general weakness in a child while Camphor improves blood circulation. Olive oil provides the right amount of moisture to the skin and helps to tackle the dead flaky skin. A mixture of all these ingredients such as Dabur Lal Tail makes it easier for you to look after the child.

Choosing the right technique

Start with a soft and gentle touch. Avoid tickling or being too tough on the baby. You can gradually use a firmer touch as the baby grows. For a premature newly born baby, you need not use any specific technique. Gentle stroking on each part of baby's body is sufficient to let the oil penetrate the skin.

Place the baby by the stomach and slowly massage each part of the body by gently stroking different areas. Start from the head and gradually travel through the neck, shoulders, upper back, waist, thighs, feet and hands. Place the baby by its back and follow the same process. You can flex baby’s arms and legs consecutively for a minute and then flex both the arms and both legs together, respectively.

Observe how the baby responds to the massage. If the baby is relaxed and reciprocates, continue but if the baby feels uneasy or restless, stop the massage and try again later.
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