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Infant Massage – the power of a tender touch

The first five years of a human life is a time of incredible growth and learning. Rapid changes take place in an infant’s development status which prepares him or her for future learning. Therefore, as a parent, it is very important to understand these developmental changes.

Baby MassageFrom the very first movement of the fetus in the womb to erect posture, every action of the infant’s body involves stretch of muscles and body organs. Therefore, it is said that a gentle massage can work wonders for the infant’s body. However, the power is in your tender touch.

Babies find it very relaxing and soothing when they are laid down for a gentle massage. This is mainly because of the reason that out of the five human senses, touch is the one that is most developed at birth. In fact, various researches conducted justify that there are numerous benefits associated with infant massage that helps in the growth of development of babies.

Massage technique in infants is quite different from adults. It is more of a communicative technique that allows parents to engage and relax their child in a mutually pleasurable interaction. There are many parents that appoint an infant massage instructor thinking that he/she would be the best person to massage their child. However, the truth is that parents are viewed as the primary source of interaction in the infant’s life. The entire process helps in facilitating parenting skills, bonding, attachment and also parent’s ability to read their babies’ cues.

Baby Massaging OilThe massage process is composed of 80 percent of communication and only 20 percent technique. Moreover, its benefits are not only associated with the child, but also to the parent giving massage. Regular and right technique massages helps in promoting bonding and attachment, enhances communication, eases baby tummy troubles, improves muscle tone coordination and soothes the child to sleep. For a parent, it improves the ability to read infant cues, promotes parenting skills and improves bonding.

Remember that this is a special time for you and your baby and hence it is important to ensure that there are not any kinds of distractions in the room. You can even play some soft music to make that hour of the day relaxing for you and your baby. For the technique, you can put some oil or cream on your palms to ensure your hands glide on your baby’s skin easily. Nowadays, parents prefer buying special massage oils such as Dabur Lal Tail that is considered to be healthy for infant’s skin and promotes development.

Infant massage is considered to be one of the primary building blocks in child’s development and parenting skills. Therefore, rather than being harsh and forcing your child for a massage, it is suggested to make those few minutes interesting and interactive. Remember that a simple massage for few minutes in a day can have a great impact on the life of your child in terms of bonding and growing a parent infant relationship.

Use Dabur Baby Massage Oil - An Ayurvedic blend of almond and olive oil for baby massage which can be really effective for a baby development.