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Health benefits associated with infant massage 

Babies usually learn about the world through their senses and the major one out of the five sensory organs is their skin. Starting from child birth when the child is squeezed out of the uterus into the world where he/she senses the cold air on his skin and then bought to suckle the mother’s breast. Similar to the babies of animals that are licked and stroked by their mother for healthy development; human babies are also need to be massaged for healthy development. Infant massage is simply an extended activity of what you regularly do with your child that comes out naturally, such as cuddling, playing with their fingers and toes, kissing all over their body.

Infant Massage BenefitsHowever, it consists of specific techniques that have to be performed gently on infant’s body. From past many years, infant massage is considered to be a traditional practice particularly in Asian and Latin American cultures which has recently gained widespread popularity all around the world. Another important fact is that infant massage is not just beneficial for the child, but also for the parents. Even experts agree that a gentle touch on the infant’s body during a massage helps in promoting baby’s emotional and physical development while creating a strong bond and relationship with the parent.

Some other important benefits associated with infant body massage are:

  • Contributes towards Physical Development – Premature babies that are born with low birth weight are treated with infant massage. A few weeks of regular massage makes them healthy, active and alert while promoting weight gain. Further, it also improves blood circulation while enhancing growth and development. For parents who practiced regular baby massage improved their ability to play with their child.

  • Improve Bonding – A small session with your child can encourage interaction between you and your baby. Touch is considered to be vital for development of an attachment behavior and also for early social development.

  • Massaging an Infant
  • Helps new born baby relax and sleep better – A gentle massage on the child’s body helps him relax and sleep. When the child becomes more active usually the time when he starts crawling or walking, he might enjoy a rubdown before sleep as it helps him relax and sleep better.

Although, there are numerous benefits associated with infant massage, as a parent, it is important for you to make sure that you follow the right techniques while massaging your child. Do not massage your child when he is not in the mood. If he cries or turns away when you place your hands on, make sure that you save the session for later. It is also not necessary to give a full body massage every time and you can end the session by simple rubbing his legs and feet.

Another smart tip is avoid applying too much of pressure on the child’s body or it will be overpowering. A child needs gentle movement of hands on his body. Anything done with pressure can be painful and irritate him/her for the entire session.

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