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Benefits of massage for a new born baby

The birth of a newborn is an exciting moment for both the parents. From that very moment, parents try to give the best to their child. Whether it is about basic amenities or health care, almost every little thing becomes a priority. Body massage is one such essential practice that helps the newborn to communicate with the world around them through the sense of touch. This power of touch soothes and heals the newborn from various physical disorders. It provides a unique way of communicating and soothing.

Benefits of Baby MassageThe practice of neonatal massage has been flourishing since decades in the Indian subcontinent. However, there has been a recent surge about this traditional art in the western culture. This is primarily because of the reason that massage is an integral part of newborn lives that improves growth and development and enhances parent-child bonding. It is also considered to be useful for the overall development of premature babies as it is a technique that makes the baby active, alert and healthy like a full term newborn.

Regular oil massage among newborns helps in relaxing the baby while giving him/her a sound sleep. Moreover, a good massage that is done using the right techniques enhances development of muscles while improving the blood circulation. Your gentle touch combined with reassuring smile and voice helps your baby to feel relaxed and comfortable with his body. It is also recommended to always keep the massage sessions light and soothing as there are many newborns that are quite sensitive to their skin being exposed and bodies being handled. All they can tolerate is small and gentle sessions.

In a healthy and full term baby, a simple and gentle massage helps in relieving common discomforts such as colic and constipation. Moreover, it is also noticed that a simple massage therapy helps in improving sleep while regulating and strengthening the baby’s digestive, respiratory, circulatory and even nervous system. Preterm babies that receive infant massage improve weight after regular sessions conducted in the instructed manner.

Baby MassageMassage among newborns is usually started after a week’s time and done by using a lubricant such as baby oil in order to reduce the friction between the palms and child’s body. Nowadays there are different varieties of oils available which are usually chosen depending upon the availability, cost and its safety. Various research conducted reveals that using oil during a massage makes the baby more alert while showing fewer stress behavior as compared to massages done without using oil.

Massage therapy is considered to be a safe practice and there are not any significant harmful effects associated with it, irrespective of the fact that it is performed appropriately. While massaging, it is always important to ensure that you are applying the right pressure as using too little of pressure can aggravate the newborn and certainly more pressure is associated with more pain. If your baby doesn’t seem to enjoy this practice, don’t get disheartened as it is a new experience for both of you and can take some time to get used to.

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